The Big Gift List

The Big Gift List - How Does It Work?

This short guide will explain the process for creating a new list and inviting your friends to view it. You can also view a step-by-step guide if you have received an invite and would like a guided process for selecting items to buy from the list.

Step 1. Getting Started

Once you have registered and logged in you will be presented with your profile page. From here you can access all of the features available on The Big Gift List. The top most buttons are for viewing your gift lists and your wish list (Your wish list is where you can add items to your own private list).

Click 'My Gift Lists' to continue.

Step 2. Viewing your lists, or lack thereof.

As we are new to The Big Gift List the next page will not show any lists at the moment.

To create our first list click the 'Create New List' button.

Step 3. Creating a list

You will now see a short form for creating the list. You can enter a title for the list, select the occasion (wedding, birthday, etc), choose one of dozens of styles for the list, select the date of the occasion, and choose whether or not you want to see what items are taken before the list ends (people invited to the list are notified that you will be able to see which item(s) they have selected prematurely).

Step 4. Viewing your list

Once the list has been created you will be taken directly to the new lists page. Obviously as this is a new list there are no items on it and a message will be displayed guiding you to add your first item.

So, lets add an item, click the 'Add Item' button on the right hand side of the page (you could also use the bookmarklet for Internet Explorer, or the Addon for FireFox, Chrome or Opera)

Step 5. Adding an item

You will see another form broken down into different sections allowing you to enter information about the item.

If you have found the item for sale on another website you can enter the web address for it in the form, by doing this The Big Gift List will attempt to locate a suitable image to use automatically (alternatively you can manual specify an image, consult the instructions on the page).

You can also select how important the item is to you, which will indicate to other people the items you most want.

Step 6. The new item in the listing, getting ready send invites

We can now see our first item listed on the page. If you need to you can make further changes to the item by clicking 'Edit Item', you can also delete the item by clicking 'Delete Item', or even move it to another list.

Lets now invite some friends to view the list. Click 'Send Invites' at the top of your list.

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Step 7. Sending Invites

Normally this page will display a list of all the people in your address book with those that have already been sent an invite for this list faded out.

If the display is empty you should click the 'Manage Address Book' button on the right to add in the names and addresses of your friends

Sending invites couldn't be easier, simply click the tickbox next to each person in the addressbook listing that you would like to invite to the list (you can always come back an send more invites later), then click Send Invites.

If you would like to customise the email message that is sent you can do so by clicking the 'Modify Custom Message' button.

Step 8. Invites away

Once the invite(s) have been sent your friends will receive an email containing your invite along with registration and log-in instructions should they require them.

They will now be able to see your list and select items they would like to buy you. Remember, you cannot see what items have been selected by your friends until the day AFTER the list finishes (unless you've selected to see taken items early).

You can now send additional invites, or return to the list to continue adding items.