The Big Gift List

The Big Gift List - I've received an invite!

This short guide will explain the process for viewing a list you've been invited to and how to select one or more items you would like to buy. You can also view a step-by-step guide of creating a new list and inviting your friends to view it here.

Step 1. Getting Started

Once you have registered and logged in you will be presented with your profile page.

From here you can access all of the features available on The Big Gift List.

The second item from the top is for viewing family and friends lists. Click 'Family and Friends Lists' to continue.

Step 2. Viewing the list you've been invited to

You will now be shown a listing of all the gift lists you've been invited to. If you haven't been invited to see any lists you may find that your friends are in the process of creating a list. If this is the case you will see those lists faded out; you can view the list but you can request an invite.

Click the title of the list you've been invited to view it, or click Request Invite to ask your friend to see the list.

Step 3. Browsing the list

You can now see a list of items that your friend would like in a similar way your own lists are displayed. Items that have already been selected by other people are hidden by default (there is an option to show these on the right, once shown the taken items are highlighted in green and 'Purchased' is displayed under the star rating).

To select an item yourself simply look through the list and click the 'I will buy this' link.

If the item is a contribution item you can click on the 'Pledge Contribution' link to assign a certain amount of the items value to yourself. You can even print a contribution voucher to put in the birthday card so the friend knows what the money is contributing towards.

Step 4. Selecting an item

Once you've selected an item it will be highlighted in green and the 'Purchased' will be displayed instead of the items price.

There will also be a new option available - Change Mind. Clicking 'Change Mind' allows you to remove yourself from the item and allow someone else to buy it instead, this could be because you have either decided to get something else, or perhaps you were unable to get the item.

Step 5. Go and buy the item

That's all there is to it. All that's left for you to do is to buy the item (if the item in the list is underlined you can click it to view it in an online shop) and wait for the big day.

If you need to ask the lists owner a question you can do so by clicking the 'Ask a question' button on the right hand side of the page.