Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Big Gift List?

The Big Gift List is a website where you can create gift lists for any occasion. Add items from any website to the list, and then send out invites to your friends so that they can browse your list and mark off items they'd like to get you.

Is The Big Gift List free to use?

The Big Gift List is free to sign up to. The free account allows you to have 1 list at a time. Once a list has finished you can archive it and then create a new active list. If you'd like to have multiple lists active at the same time you can upgrade for just £2 a year, or £10 for life.

If I select an item on a list can I change my mind?

If you mark an item as taken you can change your mind at any time up to the expiry date of the list. Un-marking an item will make it available for selection by other invited friends.

I'm always forgetting birthdays. Can you help?

Yes. When you add your friend to your addressbook you can enter their date of birth and request to have a notification email sent to you before their big day.

How can I add items directly from the sellers website?

You can use our browser extension (Firefox, Chrome, or Opera) to add items to your lists while you browse the web. When you find something you'd like to add to your list click the extensions button on the browsers toolbar and simply fill in the details.

What's the difference between a gift list and a private list?

A gift list is a list that you create for a specific occasion and then invite friends and family to view the list and mark off items they would you to buy you. A private list is one where you can add items that you would like to get yourself, or, items that you would like to move to a gift list at a later date.

How do I invite people to see my list?

Once you've created a list and added a few items you can send out invites to family and friends. To do this simply go to the list you want to invite people to and click the 'Send Invites' button on the right. You will be shown a list of all the people in your addressbook, simply click the 'Send Invite' link below the person you'd like to invite.

I've been sent an invite to a list but it's not showing up?

The most common reason for this is the user sending you an invite has used an email address that is different to the one you signed up with, or they entered the email address incorrectly. To correct his you will need to contact your friend and ask them to amend your email address and resend the invite.

Can I ask the list owner a question without them knowing it was from me?

Yes you can. Once you've been invited to a list, view it and click the 'Ask a Question' button. You'll be taken to a page where you can enter your question. An email will be sent to the list owner informing them they have a question to answer but the email doesn't include any information about who sent it so they will not know who might purchase the item for them. Once they have responded to the question you will receive an email and the question will be displayed alongside their list for everyone to see.

As a list owner; when you receive a question you can answer it by visiting your list and you will find the Questions and Answers section.

What happens when someone selects an item on my list?

Firstly, you, the list creator, won't be able to tell (unless the list is sset to show spoilers). However, the people you've sent your list will find the selected item is now highlighted as taken (unless you wanted more than 1 of that item).

My Free Account says I can only have 1 active list, what does this mean?

With a free account you can have 1 shared list that is active and an unlimited number of private and archived lists. So, when you're current list is finished you can 'archive' it (Archive button will display once the list has finished) or delete it, and then you can create a new list. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a premium account and unlock unlimited active lists. Premium accounts start from just £2 a year.

What happens when my premium subscription ends?

When your subscription expires your account will be downgraded to a free account and you will receive an email notification. You can then renew your subscription if you like. If you have more than 1 active list when your subscription ends you will still be able to view all your lists but you will only be able to edit the first list that you created.