Gift Lists the easy way

When it comes to a birthday, Christmas, wedding or any other special occasion, we can help you show your friends and family what you really want, so they don't need to guess.

What You Can Do

Create gift lists information

Gift Lists

Create a gift list or wish list for your birthday, Christmas, or any special event. Add items from any website using our browser extensions.

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Adding items from websites

Items from Anywhere

Add items to your lists from any website with our browser extension, or, add them quickly and easily via our website.

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Address book and invites information

Family and Friends

Add to your address book to make it easy to send gift invites to your friends and family, and receive birthday reminders. View the lists your friends and family have created and request invites to them.

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Gift Lists for Any Occasions

Create a birthday gift list
Create an anniversary gift list
Create a graduation gift list
Create a christening gift list
Create a house warming gift list
Moving Home
Create a baby shower gift list
New Baby
Create a christmas gift list
Create a wedding gift list
Create a general celebration gift list
Any Celebration

How It Works

Create a New List

Create your new list
You can give it a special title, and customise it with a large selection of colourful themed templates.

Share your list
Send invites to your friends and family.

Your friends make their selection
Your invitees can view your list and mark items that they would like to get you; don't worry you can't see what they've selected until the day after the big day.

Send thanks
After the big day you can view the list in full and send thank you emails to your friends and family.

Add items to your list from any website

Using our browser extensions (Firefox, Chrome, Opera) you can add the product your viewing on any website directly to any of the gift lists you've created.

Alternatively, you can add items to your list directly from this website by either copying and pasting the products URL, or by entering the products title*

You can even customise the list item by setting a star rating for how important it is to you.

* Using just the items title will not set up a website link for the product.

Create an Address Book of Friends

Add all your friends and family members to your Big Gift List address book and you'll be able to see if they have any lists.

If they have you can send a request to be invited to participate in their special day.

You can also set up birthday reminders for each of your friends so that you never miss the big day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Big Gift List?

The Big Gift List is a website where you can create gift lists for any occasion. Add items from any website to the list, and then send out invites to your friends so that they can browse your list and mark off items they'd like to get you.

Is The Big Gift List free to use?

The Big Gift List is free to sign up to. The free account allows you to have 1 list at a time. Once a list has finished you can archive it and then create a new active list. If you'd like to have multiple lists active at the same time you can upgrade for just £2 a year, or £10 for life.

If I select an item on a list can I change my mind?

If you mark an item as taken you can change your mind at any time up to the expiry date of the list. Un-marking an item will make it available for selection by other invited friends.

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