The Big Gift List Updates

January 2024

Welcome to the all new look The Big Gift List. This has been a complete rewrite of the website designed to make it easier for you to use and easier for us to maintain and update. I hope you like it.

The website will work in the same way it always has; you create lists, send out invites, and your friends can mark off items they'd like to buy you. However, we've added some new features to make it work even better:

  • Each item you add can use a different currency (but defaults to the currency you set when creating each list)
  • You can upload your own photo for the items you add (or use your phone camera if you use the website there)*
  • You can now create as many private lists as you like (previously you could only have a single wishlist)**
  • You can add photos to your addressbook entries* as well as set birthday reminders, so you'll never miss that big day again.
  • Each list can have its own icon or photo - ideal if you create lists for your kids. Now you can have their photo assigned to the list*

* All uploaded photos are moderated. Please consult the terms and conditions.
** Free account owners can only have 1 list

We've simplified all the forms for managing your gift list account. Creating lists, adding items, and managing invites and your addressbook, are now much simpler.

The browser extension for Firefox, and Chrome based browsers have also been updated and streamlined.

While we were rebuilding The Big Gift List we went through all the features on the website and made a note on how they were being and IF they were being used. It was clear to use that 'contribution items' was a feature that has hardly been used and so for the new version of the website we decided to remove the feature and concentrate on everything else. If you feel that you will miss being able to add contribution items please drop us a message via our contact page. If we get enough of a response to reintroduce it we will revisit the feature.